About us

What is GPAY?

It is a utility token created on the Binance Smart chain with a total supply of 21,000,000. It is redeemable for other cryptocurrencies or tokens and from person to person without the intervention of a third party or a financial institution.

GPAY will change traditional commerce by implementing commerce with cryptocurrency payments. In the future, importing or exporting will be much easier, paying in seconds using only mobile, tablet or desktop devices, avoiding excessive expenses in commissions and wasted time.

It will also bring great solutions to everyone, paying with GPAY will be like sending a message from your cell phone or your computer from the comfort of your home without using any bank or institution that serves as an intermediary, regardless of the time or day, available 24/7 365 days of the year.

With GPAY, Together we will build a free and unrestricted financial world.

Objetive Gpay


The main objective is to make Gpay a global payment instrument, where everyone in the world can have the possibility of being part of the benefits that gpay offers, we want that from anywhere in the world they can make their purchases of merchandise in China, an agent of our platform will be exclusively in charge of handling the orders, packing and sending to the country of destination, in the coming months we will open an online store platform with various products so that our members and holders can buy by paying with Gpay.

Objetive Gpay

Representation Stores.

In the future, it is planned to create representative stores in different countries, for example, if a GPAY holder wants to set up a physical store, we will provide the products at factory cost, in some cases with personalized brands and logos.


Products and Services.

Gpay was created based on international trade, Import and Export of all kinds of merchandise from China to the world (later it will be expanded to other markets in America and Europe). GPAY holders who wish to import merchandise from China will be able to pay with GPAY for the product they are buying, an agent will be available to attend orders and dispatch the merchandise either by plane or by ship.

Trade agreements.

GPAY’s team of professionals have large commercial agreements with several factories to meet the demands that partners and holders may have, Export and Import agreements of various Products. Bearing in mind that China is known for being the largest international market, we are very proud to be able to meet the merchandise requirements that our partners and holders request.

Representative offices.

Gpay will have a representative office in China (SHANGHAI, BEIJING AND SHENZHEN) to be able to serve its partners and HOLDERS, we will help find the merchandise that the partner needs and then send said merchandise either by air or sea as the case may be. Direct contact At:

Custom merchandise

When customers buy in China, they have the advantage of customizing their products if they wish, since the merchandise leaves directly from the factories at a wholesale cost. Our staff in charge in China will support them in the corresponding procedures.

Own NFT market.

Gpay will launch collections of NFTs to interact with its followers and holders of its main currency Gpay, our Marketplace is a non-fungible token creation platform that allows all users of the main networks to create their collections and display them for sale, offers a secure and non-custodial solution for those looking to buy and/or sell their NFTs in complete safety and without Restrictions, digital art entrepreneurs and enthusiasts will be able to show their art to the world in NFT format.

Getting Started with Us

Benefits for GPAY holders

  • They will be able to import products from China directly from manufacturers. Our team of professionals will be in charge of attending to the merchandise orders that GPAY Members and holders make.
  • 2% of each transaction rewarded to GPAY coin holders.
  • Giveaways and exclusive NFT giveaways. NFT Pay-Marketplace will carry out NFT Giveaways every certain period of time for all Holders.
  • Exclusiveness. Holders will have the exclusivity to acquire the NFTs of the collections at an introductory cost before it is released to the public.